Watercolor Parachutes: STEAM Activity for Toddlers

Watercolor parachutes are a fun way to combine science and art for your toddler! They will have so much fun watching their toys skydive!

You will never ever ever see me skydiving out of a plane. EVER. But we see many skydivers because we live next to a small airport, and Aaliyah has been saying “parachute and plane!” whenever we see one. This reminded me of a project I did for a science fair in elementary school, and I wanted to retry it with her.

What You Will Need

  • Coffee filters
  • Liquid watercolors
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Toys

Creating a Watercolor Parachute

To start, take a couple of coffee filters and paint them with the watercolors. The thin material of the filter allows the colors to mix beautifully together. Be careful not too over paint, the filter can become too wet and tear!

Once the filters are dry, use a hole punch to punch four holes evenly spaced around the filter. Then take 4 pieces of string, I cut each around 12 inches to give me a lot of work with and tie one to each hole. Then take the four strings and hold them evenly in the middle of your watercolor parachute. Wrap the strings around your toy and secure with a knot. For the styrofoam ball I threaded all 4 strings into a needle and pushed the needle through the center of the ball!

Parachutes for Older Kids

Watercolor parachutes can be adjusted to also be a fun project for older kids! Try different parachute sizes, length of string, and weight of the toys to see which fly the best. Determine a hypotheses, add in some variables, paint them in pretty colors and BAM you have a full STEAM filled experiment!

Time to Skydive!

With all our brave toys ready to skydive we walked over to the park. I wanted her to have a high enough structure to drop from to allow the watercolor parachutes to expand and float. She enjoyed counting down and dropping them all together and was highly concerned Nella couldn’t fly at all!


We spent over an hour dropping and catching our parachutes over and over. The styrofoam ball floated the best, but the hatchimal went the farthest if you threw it into the air first!

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  1. What fun. They look beautiful and I’m sure so much fun.

  2. I know we have some old coffee filters laying around as well as tons of little toys. Another fun activity I need to try with my little one!

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