Three Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

I love Valentine’s Day decor. It is always so bright, colorful, and sparkly. Roses and chocolate? Count me in! After writing my post 5 Easy Toddler Activites That Cost $1, Aaliyah loved loved loved window clings. But our search for Valentine’s themed stickers was a complete fail! The only ones we found were just plain old red, and that is just not colorful enough for us! So we got to work making these 3 different Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers.




#1: Pipe Cleaner and Beads

This craft is so easy but so fun! Pipe cleaners, chenille wire, bendy things. Whatever you call them they are so fun for little ones to play with and shape! I set out various colored pipe cleaners and different craft beads. The ones were used had iridescent colors and look great in the light of the windows. I let Aaliyah put the beads on, asking her the colors of the beads as she went. This is a great activity to discuss colors, and for older kids you can also introduce patterns! Putting the beads on is a great hand-eye coordination activity for little ones, she made the cutest faces trying to concentrate getting the pipe cleaner in the hole! After she was done beading I twisted the ends of the pipe cleaner together and shaped the pipe cleaner into a heart. With a small piece of twine it was ready to hang in the window!


#2: Contact PaperIn the “5 Easy Activities” post I wrote about how much I love doing contact paper art. It is so easy to do and the piece looks great when it is finished! All you need is clear contact paper, I buy ours in the shelf liner section at the dollar store, and construction or tissue paper. To set up I like to tape the contact paper down to the work surface. It seems to be easier when done on the wall or window to keep the contact paper from rolling back up. I cut two squares, one around 5×5 and another that was 8×8. Now you get to tear up the paper! I start by tearing it into long 2 inch strips, and then let her tear each into smaller pieces. I mixed pinks and reds with blues and purples, because we needed a little extra color.

The best part about this activity is that it is mess free. The contact paper is so sticky you don’t need glue to get the colors to stick, just let them have fun sticking the paper down. She loves to mix them up together and place them on the contact sheets!

Once she was finished I traced marked off the size of each contact paper sheet and drew a heart that would fit inside the square. I cut each out the heart and used it as a “frame” for the contact paper art. I let her help me glue the frame down, for older toddlers this would also be a great time to practice cutting with safety scissors! I took another piece of contact paper and placed it on the back. This keeps the paper sticking to the original sheet, and also keeps the stickiness from picking up dirt. I then trimmed up the sides to the shape of the construction paper frame and taped it to the window!

#3: Coffee filter and markers

Craft #3 is definitely my favorite! It gets a little messy so make sure you have a space set up! We started at her craft table but decided to move to the kitchen floor so that wiping up any water drops was easy. I also recommend having a cookie sheet or something similar ready for a drying space as well!

To start all you need is coffee filters, markers, a squirt bottle and construction paper. I definitely suggest getting thicker tipped markers so that your little one can easily cover the coffee filter with color! Once the filter is colored (bright colors work best!), have your toddler spray the filter and watch the colors blend together. It is such a fun process to watch! The water left behind is so art in itself! You can also dip a second filter into the remaining water, the colors will just be duller once dried.


I did notice that Aaliyah was having a little trouble coloring the coffee filter because the edges would get caught under her markers. I use a piece of particle board for Aaliyah to craft on so I had her color directly onto the surface. She was then able to spray where she colored and dip the filter into the water. We have done this craft a second time already (seriously we love it!) and this time used one of her plastic plates and it worked as well! Just make sure that the surface won’t soak up the ink or the water.

After letting our filters dry over night, I repeated the heart construction frame process that I used for the contact paper art. Once you cut the first you can use it as a pattern to easily make enough to fit all of the coffee filters!



Have you ever tried any of these toddler activities? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day craft?



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  1. teamcartwrightblog says:

    What fun activities! I’m going to have to get some contact paper, I think my girls would really like that! Well, they would really love to rip up the paper. We’ll see how they like sticking it up. 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Yes it is the best! You’re welcome!

  2. I totally love contact paper too! I used it a lot when I was teaching to do all kinds of activities with the kids. These activities are great!

    1. Isn’t it the best?! Thank you so much!

  3. Natalie Aubele says:

    These are all so cute ! Love that they are simple enough for toddlers but should also keep my 5 year old entertained too!

    1. Yes! If you do them without cutting into hearts you can introduce color families and patterns for older kids!

  4. Glitter On A Dime says:

    I love all of these especially the pipe cleaner and beads activity! My daughter would absolutely love that one!

    1. It is so much fun!

  5. awww.. this is very nice. I used to love making bracelets using beads:)

    1. Thank you! Beads are so fun!

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