Rainbow Soap Foam: Fairy Tea Party

Rainbow soap foam is the ultimate outdoor sensory activity! Your little ones will love scooping and shaping the foam and mixing the bright colors.

Every other Monday we help my grandma in the garden. Aaliyah loves pulling weeds and watering the plants. I love that we can grab all the “imperfect” flowers from the buckets and use them in projects! We loved using them in our Sun Catchers, but typically bring them home for some fairy stew.

Setting up fairy stew is simple: a bowl, flower petals, and water. I let her pour and mix and scoop and we have a delicious pretend meal prepared that smells delicious. It’s always fun but sometimes you need just a little extra sprinkle of magic, that’s when we made the rainbow foam.

Materials Needed

  • 1/4 cup liquid water colors- see our diy version HERE
  • 2 TBS dish washing soap
  • Tea set
  • Bin
  • Flower petals
  • Hand mixer

This will make one color. If your just going to make a solid color bin of soap foam, you can add more soap and water color. This really doesn’t have to be exact measurements! You’re just going to mix up the foam.

You could also use food coloring and water instead. I dislike food coloring and worry it would stain, so use at your own discretion!

Mixing the Soap Foam

Add your 1/4 of liquid water colors and 2 TBS of dish soap to a small bowl. Have your bin ready close by, and use your hand mixer to start mixing the foam. It will take a little over a minute to mix the soap foam. You want the bubbles to be thick enough that it makes little mountains when you pull the mixer up.

Once I was happy with the foam I carefully poured it into the bin. You want to move pretty quickly making all the colors so that your foam doesn’t “melt!”

Playing with the Soap Foam

Once the rainbow was complete, I carried it outside to where she was already playing with the tea set and flower petals. She loves soap foam so she was ready to add the petals in and start mixing. She used a spoon to scoop our tea and we formed little cakes and cookies and decorated them with the petals.

When playing you will notice that the soap foam starts to become water again. You can always use your hand mixer and reform the bubbles again and again. Last summer I ended up just taking the mixer outside and plugging it in and she played with it for hours! Of course the negative of having a rainbow bin is that eventually it all mixes to brown, but she was having so much fun she hardly noticed.

Have you ever made soap foam before? What about fairy soup? We’re all about rainbows this week, make sure you check out our post here for more colorful activities!

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  1. Aditi Wardhan Singh says:

    This is super awesome and a surefire hit with all the kids

  2. Sarah says:

    My kids love playing in bubbles this is such a fun idea.

  3. This is so neat! I’ll have to make this with my little one!

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