Rainbow Collage: Rainbow Activity for Preschoolers

This rainbow collage works fine motor skills and color recognition skills! You only need a few materials to make this colorful collage.

I loved coming up with ideas for our rainbow learning week! I wanted the ideas to be simple, but also engaging and fun. Aaliyah has been obsessed with scissors, and giving her some scrap paper and a pair of her pretty scissors can keep her entertained for a while. I hate just throwing these little bits of paper she collects away, and wanted to put them to good use.

When cleaning out my great grandmas house we found a ton of old magazines that a stashed away just knowing I would eventually come up with a project to use them for. See, hoarding craft supplies comes in handy sometimes!

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bowl
  • Paint brush
  • Markers
  • Magazines, tissue paper, pompoms, etc

Skills Used

  • Scissor skills
  • Color recognition
  • Fine motor skills

Starting Your Rainbow Collage

To create the base of our collage I used a piece of cardboard. You could also use thick paper like card stock or poster board, but I had a box from our bed frame that was begging to be crafted with! Even though Aaliyah has her rainbow colors memorized, I wanted to write out each color so she could see the words and become familiar with them. I used a black marker to draw five straight lines and create six sections. Using crayons I wrote out each color so she would know where to glue each.

Speaking of glue- her scissor skills are excellent, but her gluing skills still need a little work. To avoid a big sticky mess, I mix glue with equal part water in a bowl for her. She can then use a paint brush to put small amounts onto each piece of color she glues down.

Creating Your Rainbow Collage

To start making our collage, I showed her a page in the magazine with the sky. I asked her what color it was, and then to find that section on her cardboard. She cut out a small section of the sky, and then glued it down. We worked our way through the magazines finding fruits and mountains in every color of the rainbow.

It was taking a while just cutting out small pieces, so I started ripping out whole pages that she then picked multiple colors from. She also used bits of tissue paper that she crinkled up and pompoms to add texture.

Once our sections were all filled up we left the collage to dry. She could hardly leave it alone for long! It was so much fun looking at the sections up close and picking out what each piece of color was and how they all blended together to make a solid section. We’ll definitely be making more collages again soon!

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Stay curious!


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