Magical Milk Bath

Milk baths are not only great for your skin, but have become a huge trend for beautiful Instagram shots. Adding a little bit of color makes it magically fun for your toddler, and turns your bath into a giant sensory bin!

I’ve been dying to do a milk bath with Aaliyah. All those dreamy posts on Instagram? I so wish they had been popular when I was pregnant and when she was a newborn because the pictures give me heart eyes. My biggest struggle was that when looking at tutorials I saw people using two, TWO gallons of milk to get the water to get the pretty creamy color. I just couldn’t bring myself to pour out two whole gallons of milk!

Aaliyah struggles really bad with eczema on her arms and chest, and her sensitive skin means she can’t use any bubbles to make her baths fun. While out at goodwill (who else loves thrifting!) we noticed they had gotten a huge shipment of bath and body products from Target. She saw a giant, I mean 6 inches across, pink bath bomb and for 1.99 there was no way I could say no. When I saw just how pink it made her bath water, I thought it would be perfect to use with a milk bath. With pink milky water and floating flowers this was truly a magical milk bath!


  • Pink bath bomb
  • Coconut oil
  • Flowers
  • Bowl and cups for playing
  • 1/4 gallon milk

If you get a giant bath bomb like we did you can use it in more than one bath, this was actually the third bath she’s taken with the same bath bomb. Great deal for $1.99! Our flowers are straight from grandma’s garden, I just rinsed them to make sure it didn’t turn into a big bath. You can of course buy some cheap ones at the grocery store as well. I always mix coconut oil into her baths to help with her skin and hair! This is totally optional.

Running a Milk Bath

To run a milk bath, you need it to be a little warmer than a typical toddler bath, but not too hot. Adding the milk will bring down the temperature, but too hot and your milk will curdle. I let the bath bomb fizz while filling the tub, so the color would get super pink.

As you can see, the pink is deep enough that you can barely see the drain! This made it so I only had to use about 1/4 gallon of milk to get the cloudy creamy color you see on your Instagram feed. I felt much better about this than 2 full gallons!

Taking a Milk Bath

Aaliyah could hardly wait to get in the milk bath! I set some full flowers to float in the water, with a bowl and pitcher of monkey pod for her to play with. I loved that the bowl also floated with the flowers! It made the whole bath seem so peaceful.

When she saw the water she said “is this a fairy bath like my potion?” She loved the pink color and flowers! Using the pitcher she started pouring water back and forth, making “soup” and swimming in the water. It really was a magical experience! The flowers and color turned the bath into a giant sensory bin, and allowed her to play in a calm space, that benefitted her skin, for over an hour. After getting out her patches were already less flakey and her skin was shinier. I think next time I’m going to take a magical milk bath too!

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    I have never heard of a milk bath before. It looks so cool – my daughter would love it!

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