Love Potion: Valentine’s Day STEAM Activity

Brew up this love potion for a fun Valentine’s Day science activity! Using simple ingredients you have in the kitchen this is a fun STEAM filled activity perfect for Valentine’s Day!

We have been loving pink filled activities this week! After doing a witch’s brew for Halloween, one of our favorite activities EVER, I wanted to do a little remake for Valentine’s Day. Aaliyah saw a drawing of Cupid at the store on a box of candy and called him a fairy, I said maybe like a love fairy and ran with it and now we have this activity and maybe a new holiday tradition!

To make her into a little love fairy who spreads love on Valentine’s Day, she needed a wand, some flowers in her hair, and this love potion. Of course you really just need the potion ingredients to do this activity, but anytime we can be extra, we’re going to be extra.


  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Washable markers
  • Glass jar
  • Small containers and scoop
  • Stick, twine, and flowers (optional)
    Sequins (optional)
    Foam hearts (optional)
    Vinyl tablecloth
    Plastic tray or bowls

To make our love potion a magical shade of pink, I put some of our dried out markers into the vinegar before hand. You could also use food coloring (but beware of staining) or chalk like we did in our Halloween brew!

Making the Love Fairy Wand

In order for the magic in your love potion to work, you need a magic wand! This is of course optional, but it is a fun activity on its own and can be used for more than the love potion.

All you need are so artificial flowers, a stick and ribbon. Hold the flowers in place and have your little one wrap the ribbon around the stick to hold them in place. Secure the ribbon with a knot and your wand is ready to make the love potion!

Setting Up Your Love Potion Station

Making a love potion is a magical experience your child will love but it is also messy. Like messy messy messy. For me to say something is messy, please believe me it’s messy. But don’t worry! With a little prep work before hand the clean up afterwards will be so easy you’ll think it was magic 😉

As always, I have a thick vinyl tablecloth underneath her desk. This makes it simple to fold the corners in and dump the mess straight into the shower when you’re done. I also place a plastic tray and cake pan on the floor, so this helps to catch the love potion run off. I also keep a wet washcloth on stand by for when the foam is all over her hands as it can be a little irritating for skin!

To help with messes, it’s best to limit the amount of materials that they have to work with. Before starting I poured the sequins, baking soda and pink vinegar into small containers. I keep the baking soda and vinegar close so that I can refill the containers, but it helps to not have her dump the entire box in one go.

Brewing Your Love Potion

Before having your little love fairy start brewing their potion, pour some dish soap into the bottom of the glass jar. This is the secret to getting your love potion extra bubbly!

Then let them experiment pouring and mixing and adding in sequins and hearts. This is such a great way to just let them see cause and reaction, and is an early introduction to the scientific method! Talk to them about the ingredients their using, and the “magical” reaction that occurs when you mix baking soda and vinegar.

Show them how to wave their wands as the love potion bubbles over, you can even make up your own spells! Aaliyah loves to sing hers, it’s too cute! You can also make up stories about where you can take your love potion, Aaliyah said she was taking it to the park to make people happy, and also to the ocean for the mermaids and turtles!

An hour later our potion was all brewed up, and a put everything we used (and my little love fairy) into the bath and the mess was gone! Such a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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  1. This is such a cute idea!! Your daughter looks like she loved this. I’ll be pinning it to save to do with my daughter for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. monicalorelle says:

    This is so cute!! My kids would love it and it seems very simple! Happy Valentines!

  3. This is such a cute idea. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day but this looks awesome for any occasion!

  4. Your daughter is so cute! And this is such a fun DIY to do with kids!

  5. A little late for us to do for Vday but this looks like so much fun. My 2 and 4 year old will love it!

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