DIY Pressed Flower Sun Catchers

Instead of buying mom flowers for Mother’s Day, make her a forever bouquet with these DIY Pressed flower sun catchers! They will love to admire the delicate petals all year long. Lucky for you they only take an hour to make!

Now that you have your flowers all microwave pressed, it’s time to create! These flower sun catchers are so simple, and look beautiful in the sunlight!


  • Pressed flowers
  • Clear contact paper
  • Hole punch
  • Twine or ribbon to hang

Making the flower sun catchers

Cut your clear contact paper into rectangles. Make sure you have two piece for each sun catcher you are making. We made six so we had 12 rectangles. Set out some of your dried flowers. I only put some out at a time so that she didn’t use our whole supply on one flower sun catcher!

Peel the contact paper from the backing and place it sticky side up on the table. If you would like to you can tape it down to hold it in place. Aaliyah has a thing about picking at stickers so I just place ours down. Show them how to gently press the flowers onto the paper and allow them to stick away! She really had fun going through the bowl and picking out petals and leaves that she liked.

Hanging the flower sun catchers

Once they are satisfied with their petal designs, carefully apply the second piece of contact paper so that the sticky sides are together and the flowers are sandwiched. I started on one short edge and carefully laid it down to avoid wrinkles. If you have a lot of bubbles you can smooth them out with a credit card.

Take a hole punch and punch a hole at the top of the sun catchers. Cut a few inches of twine or ribbon and string through the hole. DIY flower sun catchers complete!

Watercolor cards

We decided to make some watercolor cards to go along with our flower sun catchers since these are Mother’s Day gifts! I let her color with a white crayon to add some texture and paint over it with liquid watercolors for watercolor resist.

We let them dry while we made our flower sun catchers and then added glitter. I just squirted some glitter glues into her paint tray and let her paint however she liked.

I have no idea why we never tried glitter and watercolor before but serious heart eyes for these!! The colors look so beautiful with the gold and silver and the colors of the petals! Isn’t it amazing how creative our little ones are? I love how she had the same materials in the same day but they all look so unique!

What are your Mother’s Day plans? Do you have any DIY gifts you made?

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