DIY Play Makeup

DIY play makeup will keep your little one out of your makeup bag, and let their imaginations shine as bright as their highlighter!

Can any other moms relate to the feeling of dread when you’re almost done with your makeup, and look down and realize that your highlighter has been kidnapped? “It’s so shiny mama” is what my three year old always tells me when I find her in her room, forehead and cheeks glistening. I kept trying to hand her lash curlers and clean brushes, but she just can’t resist the shiny eyeshadows and highlighters, and really who can blame her??

One day I had the total DUH moment that she should have play makeup. While out Christmas shopping I saw some kits that had strange colors, no glitter, and some were real (read that as messy!) So I then had a DUHx2 moment and realized that it would be easy to DIY her own play makeup. The best part? I mixed her own colors and completed this whole kit for less than $10!


  • Foam sheets
  • Makeup palettes
  • Glitter paint and brushes
  • Exacto knife
  • Super glue
  • Makeup bag
  • Brushes

Initially I tried to create the makeup with polymer clay and it was a total fail. On a walk through Michaels I saw this glitter foam sheet and knew it would be perfect! I grabbed one in gold glitter and another in white. These were in the clearance section but are normally only around $1 a piece!

At the dollar store I picked up a blush and eyeshadow palette, but you can use any of your old makeup like I did for the ELF blush.

Cutting Foam Sheets

To start, scrape the makeup from each palette. You know those foam cutting videos? Doing this made me realize why people find those so calming. After I washed them with soap and water and let them dry out.

The best part of using foam sheets is that you can take the foam and press it into the palette so that the shape of each pan shows. This makes it super simple to cut each shape and make sure it fits back into the palette! I used an exacto knife to cut out the shapes because it’s really easy to get a clean cut.

Painting Your Play Makeup

I wanted her play makeup to be extra glittery. I had these glitter paints in silver and blue already, so I put one coat of solid color down and then the glitter paint. A few things to know about this paint: it’s very thick but you still need to do a few coats, and it stinks- like really bad. It’s a weird chemically smell, but it does go away once dried.

I did the eyeshadow palette in blue, green, and purple to match her brushes, and then put the blue glitter on top. I then painted two rectangles in a pink and burgundy as a blush to go with her highlighters.

Finishing the Play Makeup Kit

Once the paint was dry, I used super glue to reassemble the palettes. Be careful when pressing the edges down because your nails can leave indents in the foam.

To finish the kit I picked up this super cute brush set and velvet cosmetic bag at the dollar store! I also had to grab this princess mirror, it’s too big for the bag but I knew she would love it.

I was able to complete this entire play makeup kit for only $9! She has already been getting out her own makeup while I’m getting ready. My highlighters are so grateful!

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  1. Jessica Lieb says:

    this is such a cute ideas. I love how affordable and easy it is but still looks great.

  2. This is such a great idea. Our 5 years old loves putting make up each time I try to put make up lol. Need to try this one.

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