DIY Father’s Day Gifts: Easy Custom Shirts He Will Love!

These Custom Shirts make such an easy DIY Father’s Day gift! They’re easy and inexpensive to make, and are customizable to make all the unique dads in your life happy!

I love finding gifts for people, especially for Ry! I get so excited I usually have him open them a few days early because I can’t wait for him to open them. Typically I buy him gifts I know he wants, and then something creative to surprise him. Last year I made these custom shirts for DIY Father’s Day gifts and he loved them!

Ry loves to wear graphic shirts, and has drawers full of Primitive, Active, and Hundreds clothes. While shirts are the last thing he needs, I know it’s always something he would want. Instead of adding to his brand collection I thought we would make custom shirts just for him!


  • Blank shirts- you can buy these at Walmart or at Michaels! I prefer the Gildan brand because of the collars
  • Iron on transfer sheets- make sure you buy the right type depending on the colors of your shirts!
  • Printer
  • PicsArt App
  • Photos

Designing the Custom Shirts

To design the shirts you will need to download PicsArt. Other photo editing apps might work, but I know that PicsArt has artistic filters to make the graphics look amazing. Pick out a couple of pictures to test out different filters. I went through pictures from our adventures and tried to find ones with a lot of shapes and lines. I didn’t want just a picture of a face because I wanted them to look like the brands he typically wore.

I ended up picking a picture of the jellyfish tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, his favorite painting from our trip to San Francisco, and a picture of Aaliyah in a flower field.

After I decided on the 3 I opened them in PicsArt and clicked on the Effects tab and then on Magic. Here you can find tons of filters to give your pictures really cool effects. You can adjust the strengths of the filters by sliding down the fade bar, and also change the colors and hues of the effects with the options listed under fade.

For the Jellyfish I used Wonderland set to Softlight with a fade level of 6.

With the picture of Aaliyah in the flower field I used Galaxy. I then went in with the eraser tool to remove the effect from her body, creating a surreal effect.

Printing the Custom Shirts

Now that your images are designed, it’s time to print them. For the painting picture I didn’t add any effects because I wanted the painting to be recognizable, but I did add a border to make a “frame.” I uploaded all three images to Microsoft Word, sized them to 8.5×11 and added text to each. This is totally optional but one day we were talking about clothes and what we would call a brand if we made one and he called his Finessin, so I thought it was a nice touch. Print on scrap paper first to make sure you like your images and that they print correctly!

Follow the directions on your package to print the images. Make sure to double check if you need to flip your images!! In my experience you do for the light fabric sheets but not for the dark! The shirt with the painting did not come out well because of the green fabric I definitely should’ve gotten the dark transfer sheets as well!

Once your images are printed, iron your shirt and then carefully apply your graphic! I definitely recommend letting it completely cool before peeling off your backing.

Ta-dah! Your custom shirts are now complete and ready to gift to dad!

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  1. Brittny says:

    Lovely!! I just recently started to do shirts with my cricut machine! Love this

  2. Whoa! That’s a really awesome gift idea!! It also seems super easy. Great post!

  3. babyfatblogging says:

    Such a cute idea…dads would love this! The pics are so adorable, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. That shirt is adorable. I love the idea of a personalized shirt like this.

  5. Wow, so creatively made and great idea this one! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Customization is always a good route to go. You know they’re going to love anything that they can feel a personal connection to, so this is an awesome idea. I also like how you included the “Finessin” branding on there too. I’m sure he loved that!

  7. How sweet and special is this! love this idea.

  8. Love this post! What an amazing Father’s Day gift…need to try this soon.

  9. Escape Writers says:

    Love the excellent gift idea!!! Such a valuable gift we can give. The details explanation on how to print is best. Thanks for capturing the steps.

  10. Monica says:

    Neat! I’ve haven’t made a shirt before but it looks like a great DIY for the future.

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