DIY Fairy Play Dough: Homemade Play Dough Without Food Coloring!

We love love love play dough! Did you know it is easy to make? Homemade play dough costs only pennies and can customized any way you like! This fairy play dough is pink and glittery, perfect for my magic obsessed toddler.

Aaliyah has become magic OBSESSED. One day after watching Sofia the First I caught her waving one of her felt wands at her tea set and saying a spell. She ran over to me excitedly and told me she was drinking magic tea! Since then we have been adding lots of magic to our activities. I knew this fairy play dough would fit perfectly!


I have tried a TON homemade Play Dough recipes and was really on the verge of giving up. They never seemed to turn out right, always too sticky or too oily, or too dry. For this Fairy Play Dough I found this amazing recipe from We Love Being Moms! I used the “Best Play Dough” recipe with a few tweaks (no food coloring and coconut oil) and it really was the best!

  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1 Cup Liquid watercolors – I replaced the water with DIY liquid watercolors because I do NOT do food coloring
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 Teaspoons cream of tarter

Making the Fairy Play Dough

To make the DIY liquid watercolors I measured out a cup of water and let pink and purple markers sit until the water was a dark color. You can use any colors, but this made a pretty magenta for the fairy play dough Mix your ingredients in a sauce pan, you want to stir until there are no longer any clumps. Heat the mixture on medium heat and keep stirring the homemade play dough. It will start getting sticky, but keep stirring until the fairy play dough is in a ball. This only took a few minutes to complete.

I let the fairy play dough cool down for a few minutes on a cookie sheet. Once it was cool enough that I could touch it, I kneaded it out flat and covered the surface in glitter. I kept kneading it until the glitter was ready to mix and left it to cool.

Playing with the Fairy Play Dough

I wanted this to be a free play, so I found some small parts that fit the theme of the fairy play dough. We had some magenta silk pansies that I pulled from the stem, I also separated a few sets of leaves. For more of a natural touch I added polished stones. We of course needed magic gems, so I added some large gemstone beads, decorative jewel butterflies, and iridescent butterfly and star beads. All of these supplies came from the dollar store and can be used in other projects! I also added her play dough scissors and stampers. I like to use this bowl I thrifted to keep all the small parts separate. When I do this I notice her being much more deliberate with what pieces she picks out to play with, instead of mixing them together.

Right away she started to squish and roll the homemade play dough in her hands. The consistency of this recipe is SO nice, its like store bought but softer! Once she had rolled it into a ball she pressed the fairy play dough out flat, and started picking through the gems to find all of the butterflies. She pressed them into the dough, and the added flowers and leaves around them.

Learning with the Fairy Play Dough

While the fairy play dough is meant to be an open ended activity, there is a ton of opportunity for learning! Homemade play dough is of course a great sensory experience, but the small parts can be important too. We used the butterflies to create color patterns, rolled big balls and small balls and added small beads and big beads, and counted how many rocks and flowers she put inside the play dough. She used her scissors and stamps to develop fine motor skills. I asked her what fairies she got her magic fairy play dough was and she used her creative thinking skills to tell me a story!

We had so much fun with this fairy play dough! It can easily be stored in a plastic container and used again and again. As magic as this experience was we definitely will be again!

Have you ever made homemade play dough?

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  1. That is so lovely. I like the glitter.

  2. Such a great tutorial! I love the idea of using watercolors rather than food coolering. I’m going to have to try and make this!

  3. Sara says:

    So Lovely… I never thought of using flour to kids for fun.. Thank you sharing some tips and it helps for many moms .

  4. Samantha | The Vegas Mommy says:

    I absolutely love this! I love the play dough, I’ll probably try the recipe, but with something my son would like. I love how you inspired her to use creative thinking while playing.

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