Why I Decided to Make Big Changes to My Etsy Store

Last week my Facebook memories showed me my very first video I made for my Etsy shop. It was the leaf pattern changing pad, with the first ever snaps I had ever installed. Thinking back to when I first opened my store, I never would have thought it would end up where it is now.


I first got the idea for Etsy when I was pregnant and started making DIY items for myself, like my gown and flower crown for my maternity photos. When Aaliyah was born I started making her easy items like headbands and leggings. I loved them and so did other people, and I thought that I could easily make and sell them.

When she was almost three months old I was finally cleared by my doctor after my c-section. We went from being complete homebodies to almost never being home. The world looked brand new now that we had her to explore with. I started planning what clothing products I would make in my store, researching fabrics and patterns, when I saw a tutorial for a changing pad. I thought that that was something that I needed, and so I sewed it and loved it. I realized that because of the gifts from our amazing family and friends, clothes were not something that Aaliyah was going to need anytime soon, but items like changing pads and diaper bags were needed on our new adventures.


So I shifted my vision, I started making many of the items that are currently in the shop. When I wanted to make Aaliyah a teething toy, my plush cubes were born. I needed a bag for diapers and another for hula, so I started making diaper bags and totes. Her birthday came and I was wanting to make her a plushie she could cuddle at night, so I sewed my first doll. It was not at all how I visioned her to be. All my sketches were of this wide-eyed chunky legged baby, inspiration straight from my merbaby muse. I ended up with a very tiny armed, closed eye mermaid, but she loved it and so I was happy.


Some tweaks to fabric and patterns were made, and I began making the felt dolls you can see on our Instagram page. While I thought these dolls were so adorable and sold quite a few, they took me hours and hours to make. Each stitch was hand sewn and in between breast feeding, and cleaning, and moming and girlfriending there was no way I could make enough of the dolls to offer a variety of options. Not only that, but as a self-taught sewer, many of my designs were combinations of tutorials I had reconfigured to meet my needs. I had gotten so lost in the land of Pinterest while creating my patterns, that the elements from my original sketches had all disappeared.


One day when uploading six new dolls I had just finished sewing, I sat back and really looked at my shop. I realized that I felt lost and unhappy with what I saw, and felt that I had lost my original vision. I want to create quality products that fit the designs that I originally enjoyed. My dolls now match my sketches, they have spirit, and their materials make them more comfortable to hold and cuddle. They are imaginative, and will allow your child to create a story. I will have newly designed bags made from new fabrics focusing on convenience whether your at home or on an adventure. There will also be products focusing on creativity and art.

One of my greatest passions, revolves around education, particularly art education. In my day to day life I find that I am trying to find ways to bring this passion to how I parent, and also how I create. I feel that I learn best by observing the beauty of the world around me, and try to teach Aaliyah new things the same way. We create art together, go on walks and talk about the colors of the flowers, and count how many seashells we can collect.  With my new line I feel that I will be able to inspire more imagination, creativity, and adventure. The products that I am creating now I hope will accomplish this for both your child and for you.


With alllll of that being said, I realized that the name Merbaby Designs was a great name for a children’s clothing store, but did not fit my new store. So, I have decided to reformat my shop under the name Me and My Merbaby. Sharing a name with my newly reformatted blog, I feel that I can show you all our day to day adventures and where my creative inspiration comes from.

I will have a lot of new products ready for release on the store’s one year anniversary! I plan to do updates every two weeks, releasing new products each time. I hope you love the changes as much as I do!





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