Coffee Filter Flowers with DIY Shaving Cream Paint

Coffee filter flowers are such an easy and inexpensive project! They look beautiful in vases, and would make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. With a little DIY shaving cream paint, you and your toddler can create a bouquet in no time!

We love love love shaving cream paint! The texture and color together is a dreamy sensory experience. This was totally one of those projects where I wasn’t really sure what would happen with the end result. It started to evolve into process art, but once I saw the coffee filters dried, I knew we had to keep them! I do wish I had known I would be making flowers when I picked the paint colors, but that just means we will have to make more!


  1. Paint- I used the cheap acrylic paint you find at the craft store for 75 cents
  2. Shaving cream- any will work but I typically buy the sensitive can from the dollar store
  3. Paint brushes
  4. Containers to mix paint
  5. Coffee filters
  6. Floral wire

Making Shaving Cream Paint

Making shaving cream paint is like making colorful clouds. It is SO calming for some reason, you can consider it an adult sensory bin. I usually fill up the entire container with shaving cream, and then drizzle a little bit of paint on top. Stir it gently with a paint brush, I have noticed if you stir too quickly it melts the cream down and you want every drop you can get!

For whatever reason the lighter colors like pink and yellow take less paint? I don’t understand it at all but I do know it took me almost 3 times as much to get a dark enough blue! When mixing your colors really think about color theory. I made purple even though I didn’t need to because I made pink and blue. Aaliyah is still learning to identify colors but this is still a great activity to demonstrate color mixing!

Getting Ready to Paint

This is a MESSY project. Like I said the texture and color of the shaving cream paint is magical. Aaliyah HATES getting her hands dirty, but she didn’t even care when we were painting with this. I was so thankful I put a table cloth down before we starting painting, our concrete is thankful too. I always have her craft on a piece of plywood, so I placed that on top of the table cloth. The filters we used for our coffee filter flowers were taped to the plywood with painters tape so that they would stay in place.

I also made sure to set up a drying area. The coffee filters take a while to dry because the shaving cream paint is thick. I used an extra piece of wood I placed on top of the stove so that it would be out of the way for a couple of hours. Having a direct route to the bath is also a good idea, this really turned into a full body sensory experience!


Once our painting area was assembled I let her free to start painting the coffee filter flowers. Like I said, she is no fan of dirty hands and started with the paint brush. But once she felt the shaving cream it was all over. She was dipping her hands into the paint and laughing at how it felt! She started rubbing the colors all over the filters, mixing them all together. The shaving cream makes great texture, the green and blue together almost looked like little globes!

She was having so much fun painting I ended up grabbing more coffee filters and even some cup cake liners! We painted almost 50 filters in one sitting! There was still a lot of paint left over, but she used that up on her legs and toes.

Making the Coffee Filter Flowers

I have never made coffee filter flowers before, so I headed straight to Pinterest to read some tutorials. I tried a lot of different methods, and was thankful we painted so many filters because I ruined quite a few. I ended mashing the techniques of several tutorials together to get the coffee filter flower that I liked best.

To create the coffee filter flowers I cut 3-4 different sized layers, each layer had 3 coffee filters. I would scallop edge the biggest three by folding the filter in half and curving the scissors as I cut. For the smallest layer I used the cupcake liners. I cut diagonally towards the center to create the pointed edge.

Once I had all of the filters cut and layered I took a piece of floral wire and poked it from the back through all the layers. With an inch of wire poking from the front, I went back down and out of the back. I twisted the inch of floral wire around the larger piece of wire. This will cinch the center of your flower and make the “petal” layers fluff up. I then scrunched each layer until it looked how I wanted it. Once I had all of the coffee filter flowers completed, I twisted all of their wire stems together and placed them in a vase. The colors are a little wild, should have planned better!, but they look really fun on Aaliyah’s toy shelf in her room.

Have you ever made coffee filter flowers? What technique did you use?

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  1. Such a fun sensory activity. My kids love using shaving cream to make slime.. not that it always works, but they really just want to play with stuff that feels cool 🙂

  2. Autumn - Simply Amazing Living says:

    So cute! I am going to try this with my little ones.

  3. emily says:

    So much sensory fun! My kids would LOVE this and the flowers are super cute!

  4. This is such a creative idea! I can’t wait to do this with my little one for mothers day!

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