Merbabies are born with curious minds and adventurous hearts.

Join Me and My Merbaby as we learn, explore, and create together!

Back when she was still swimming in my belly, my daughter earned the nickname “Merbaby.” After being born, I watched her grow with budding curiosity and an adventurous spirit. We now spend our days exploring the world around us and creating together.

Before giving birth I worked in museums, creating lesson plans based on project based learning. I now apply that to our learning at home, focusing on open ended projects and art based learning.┬áHere at Me and My Merbaby we will be sharing our favorite adventure stories and tips, and art to create. The world is full of endless creative and engaging opportunities to learn and we love to discover them together. I believe that merbabies are born with curious minds and adventurous hearts and our activities and adventures allow them to express their natural curiosity and desire to explore. We can’t wait to connect with you!