A Day at Avila Barn: Fall Activities For Toddlers

Avila Barn is one of our favorite places to visit in the fall! It’s the perfect place to take your toddler for fun fall activities.

We love visiting Avila Barn. Even though we’ve been there for the past two years around Halloween to pick pumpkins, I had no idea they also had u-pick harvesting! Luckily they posted about u-pick flowers on their Facebook page, and I was able to see that they also allow berries and apples! We decided it would be the perfect way to spend a family fun day on Labor Day!

What to Know Before You Go

  • Avila Barn is easy to find and is located on Avila Beach Road, about a mile from Avila Beach.
  • Parking is free, but it gets full on busy days, they also have places to park on the street.
  • Walking around the property is mostly dirt, so I definitely recommend a baby carrier and not a stroller!
  • You can visit the barn and not spend anything or you can spend a lot. Just walking to see the animals is free, but they have a farmers market, deli, bakery, ice cream, and activities that can add up!

Feeding the Animals

Once parked, we headed into the barn to buy lettuce to feed the animals. They have goats, cows, horses and emus you can feed lining the perimeter of the barn. We purchased a full head for $2 and Aaliyah was able to feed just about every animal!

Riding on the Hayride

Since you are allowed to walk the property as you please, they allow you to walk to the u-pick fields on your own. The apple trees were about 1/2 mile from the barn, so we thought it would be fun to ride the hayride (and wayyyy easier than carrying our toddler apples and berries back!) The hayride is $2 a person, 3 and under free!

The ride started right in front of the barn, with a sweet older man named Captain Dave. He gave a brief history of the property, interacted with the kids, and explained the proper way to pick apples once we reached the trees. Aaliyah loved riding, pointing out the trees and flowers as we went by.

Picking Apples

Picking apples was a new experience for all of us! We walked deep down the aisle of trees finding good apples, there were many that Aaliyah was able to inspect and pick herself. We had no problem filling our bag quickly with ripe and delicious gala apples! The apples were $2.50 a pound, and we brought home about 8.

After about 15 minutes Captain Dave blew a whistle and we loaded back onto the hayride!

U-Pick Flowers

We were the only ones who wanted to pick flowers and berries, so we agreed to walk back from the flower and berry fields that were closer to the barn. The hayride dropped us off at the flower field. We came late in the season, but there were still plenty of flowers individually priced between 50 cents per stem to $2.

They had a station prepared with water, scissors, identification sheet, paper towels and rubber bands. We walked the rows and picked out flowers, Aaliyah was able to cut her own with the kid scissors which she loved!

Once we had a bouquet cut, Ry wet the paper towel and wrapped the base of the stems to keep the flowers from drying out.

Basket of Berries

Luckily we went on the last day of u-pick berries! We walked to the berry patch and began our search. Aaliyah tried to pick every berry she found, but we showed her the “pretty” berries and after she went through carefully examining each before plucking them and saying “basket please!”

We walked all the rows turning over leaves and finding berries and bees! Once we had our basket full, we walked back to the barn. Of course we had to pick out one more treat to take home and she found a giant cookie.

In total we spent $11 on all of our goodies! We came home with apples, berries, flowers, a cookie, and a new family tradition! I love making memories without spending too much money, and this is definitely something we will be doing every year, for almost the same price as our two coffees we ordered on our drive!

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