18 Facts About Me

It’s #meetthemakerweek! Day one’s topic is to introduce ourselves, and I’m not very goodbar writing those”about me” paragraphs so I thought I’d introduce myself this way instead.

Hi! I’m Lexi, and here’s 18 random facts about me:

1. My birthday is September 18th and I am a proud virgo. You’ve probably already heard me tsk about it here, but honestly if you google my birthday on the astrological personality site you wouldn’t even need to read the rest of these. I’m a textbook virgo ??‍♀️

2. I graduated from UCLA (go Bruins!) I majored in Art History and minored in Visual and Performing Arts Education. Encouraging creativity in children is a huge passion of mine and what I hope to encourage through my blog and what I sell in my shop.

3. I love art. I guess that was pretty obvious from #2, but I am an art nerd. I love reading about art, watching shows about art, relearning artworks. I love going to museums and I’m the person who gasps and tears up when I walk into an exhibit and see a work I love.

4. I should probably introduce my loves here too! I am dating Ry, I will probably call him my love or my ugly on here since that’s what I call him in real life. We are very competitive and love playing games. We are “road trip warriors” and I can’t even tell you how many different highways we’ve seen at 3AM. Super cliche to say but we are definitely BFFs.

5. Together Ry and I created the wild child that is Aaliyah. She is my muse. She is strong willed, and brave, and absolutely hilarious, and even though I’ve come way to close to having too many heart attacks I wouldn’t have it any other way. She LOVES to dance (I post a ton of videos in my insta story!), sing, and climb and jump on everything.

6. We have a husky named Atlas. I swore we wouldn’t get a dog, especially not a big one, but when we went to the animal shelter and saw him I knew he must be ours. I mean how cute does Atlas and Aaliyah sound together? Atlas is basically Aaliyah in dog form. They are ALWAYS teaming up to get into something, normally food.

7. I love to read. Especially historical fiction. Especially historical fiction based on lives of artists. (I told you, super art nerd.) My reading habits are very sporadic because I can read pretty quickly, which means if I let myself I could easily sit and do nothing else but read an entire novel in a few hours.Check out my Goodreads and send me book recommendations!

8. I’m also a chronic binge watcher. This has gotten much worse since I started sewing consistently. I hate when it’s too quiet when I sew during nap times, and music makes me too distracted. I use this as an excuse to say I’m not realllyyy watching an entire series in two weeks, just listening to it. Basically it’s an audio book… right?

9. I could live off of poke and fruit for the rest of my life. Especially tuna with spicy mayo, and mangos after that. Ry and I actually met when I worked at a sushi restaurant! Since I’m not a sushi chef at home I make a lot pad Thai, adobo, and pasta. I never ever use recipes.

10. I hula dance. I started for 3 months at UCLA and then continued after I had Aaliyah. I love love love it. I’ve always been a dancer and was on the dance team in high school, but this is definitely way more challenging. Aaliyah goes to most practices with me and has excellent hula hips.

11. I love love love to go on adventures. From the first time Ry and I spent time together we loved to go new places. I’m always looking on the explore tab on Instagram to try to find somewhere new for us to go. That’s the best place to find the secret spots!

12. I have long hair. Like past my hips long. I’ve always always always had long hair so I never really think about it until someone meets me for the first time and says something about it. I love to braid it, but usually I just wear it down.

13. I’m terrified of lady bugs. Listen this is important!!! For you to know: lady bugs are evil! I thought they were all fun and cuteness until I was 9 and walked into a swarm of them. My mom had to literally pry them off my face because they bite and cling on. It was horrible. Please don’t ever ask me to make lady bug themed anything I will cry.

14. I’ve lived in 3 states: California, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. California is forever home. Pennsylvania was the WORST!

15. I love the beach. I know you’ve probably noticed this from our Instagram, but I really love the beach. I actually love cloudy days at the beach the most, the beach is usually empty and the clouds always look beautiful against the waves. Going to the beach is such a meditative experience, no matter how many days we go to the “same” beach, it’s never the same sand or waves we see.

16. I am a seashell collector. I spend a lot of days at the beach collecting sea treasures. It’s actually my secret superpower. People can even walk in front of me and I will go behind them and find handfuls of sand dollars and sea glass they missed. Needless to say I have a huge collection, if you have interesting ways to display them please tell me!

17. I take A LOT of pictures. My storage notification and me are arch enemies. I took a lot of pictures before, but even more now that we have Aaliyah. I don’t think there has been a single day of her life I haven’t taken a picture of her. I just love to capture our daily moments and her milestones to keep them forever.

18. I love to go thrifting! It’s like a treasure hunt and I love to find little statues and art pieces you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I love DIY thrift store transformations and love getting creative for cheap!

There’s 18 facts about me! Comment below if you related to one of my facts! Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see the rest of our posts from #meetthemakerweek!

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